The beauty behind a Tailor Store dress shirt

The beauty behind a Tailor Store dress shirt

Eager to learn more about our fantastic personalized dress shirts? Behind every produced garment lies high-quality fabrics and innovative, ever-evolving technology. We believe this is the future. When you slip on your one-of-a-kind Tailor Store dress shirt, you won’t just feel the difference, you’ll remember it forever.

It’s all in the details

We’ll gladly admit it, we’re perfectionists. We love details as much as we love the whole picture. That’s why we put all our effort into every little feature that completes our dress shirts.

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We place high demands on our suppliers in order to ensure and maintain a high standard on our fabrics. Every fabric is thoroughly tested and certified free of harmful chemicals, ensuring safe usage.


Our high-quality interlinings are produced by European suppliers to ensure the best result possible for our dress shirts. Up to three different thicknesses are available to get the perfect finish of the collar and cuff. Choose your preference or let us guide you to the perfect style.


Our high-quality sewing thread, produced by European suppliers, and our skilled tailors allow us to stitch together the perfect shirt that will last. Each seam with its unique, special purpose.


Our collars are engineered to fit the curve around the neck perfectly. A wide range of different collar styles allows variation and a fit for every occasion. The interlining is fused together with the collar and gives the perfect stiffness and look to the shirt.


Our wide range of different cuff styles allows variation and a fit for every occasion. The interlining is fused together with the cuff and gives the perfect stiffness and finish to the shirt.


Our high-quality buttons are available in a wide range of colors and shapes, all designed to match our different fabrics and colors perfectly. For the supreme look, we also offer buttons made out of exclusive mother of pearl.

New features

Hidden button-down

A smart add-on feature that keeps the shirt collar in place at all times. A button hidden underneath the tip of the collar point secures the collar with a loop to keep it in place.

Collar Curve

Using advanced engineering, our updated collar curve effortlessly adapt to the curve of your shoulders even better than before.

Split yoke

Our split yoke is an additional feature that provides comfort and a sleek design. The yoke is split at the center back and to allow the weft of the weave to naturally follow the curve of the shoulders. Some might say this is a sign of a high-quality shirt; we tend to agree. A striped or patterned fabric will reflect its pattern from the split of the yoke in an intriguing way.

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