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We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the fit of your made-to-measure garments. All garments will be sewn with the measurements that you provide. If you follow our measurement guidelines, the garments should fit perfectly. If, against all odds, a garment should not fit well, we will provide measurement advice so you can have the garments adjusted at a local tailor, alternatively we will sew a new garment for you  – 100% perfect fit guarantee.

This is how it works

  • Design your garments and provide the measurements by following our instructions thoroughly.
  • Purchase and await delivery of your garment.
  • If the garment should not fit well, please contact within 10 days of receiving the garment.
  • After contact with our customer service we will determine whether the garment can be adjusted by a local tailor or we will sew a new one for you.

– Adjustment of garments at a local tailor

If the garment requires only a few adjustments in order to fit you perfectly, we offer you to have it adjusted at a local tailor for up to the following amounts:

Shirt: NZD 30
Polo piqué: NZD 30
Chinos: NZD 40
Entire suit: NZD 150
Only jacket: NZD 60
Only trousers: NZD 40

If the amount for the adjustments is higher, the customer pays the remaining sum.

After receiving a notification from us, please follow these steps for adjustments at a local tailor:

  • Visit your local tailor and have the adjustments made within 20 days of receiving the notification from us.
  • Send us a copy of the receipt from your tailor to or the address below.
  • Your expense will be either credited on your Tailor Store account or refunded depending on prior agreement.

Tailor Store Sweden AB
Garnisonsgatan 48
254 66 Helsingborg

– New production of garments

In case Tailor Store determines that the garment does not match the chosen model, fit or design and cannot be adjusted at a local tailor, we will sew a new one free of charge.

Please follow these steps after receiving the notification for a new production of your garment:

  • Send garment to Tailor Store within 5 days after the notification from us.
    (Shipping has to be paid by the customer. We are not responsible for lost parcels.)

Tailor Store Sweden AB
Att: Adjustments
Garnisonsgatan 48
254 66 Helsingborg

  • Update your measurement profile according to our suggestions so the new garment will fit.

Tailor Store offers a new production or adjustment of garments only once per customer and type of garment. The guarantee is not valid for garments ordered in standard sizes. Replacement garment should be the same type of garment and have the same value as the original garment. We have the right to ask you for images of your wearing the garment in order to be able to provide you with measurement advice. This guarantee is not valid for marginal adjustments within our tolerances or if the garment matches your order in model, fit or design. For more information regarding our tolerances, please see our terms of service. Not valid for corporate/B2B orders.