10 styling tips and hacks for short men

10 styling tips and hacks for short men

14 September 2020

There are many things in life we don't control over, and that includes height. Using clothes toenhance your appearance is common. Although we're all perfect just the way we are, there's noshame in putting that extra effort into dressing well according to your body type. If you're shortby nature, continue reading this article to get the best styling tips.

1. Avoid loose-fitting garments

  • Slim fitting clothes enhance your body type, while loose-fitting clothes tend to cover you up and make you look shorter. While this topic is also subject to personal taste, you should always wear your clothes as slim as you're comfortable with.
  • Avoid sleeves that go past your wrists
  • Ditch jackets that go past your knees
  • Dodge pants that stack up on top of your shoes
  • Invest in custom-tailored clothes that fit you just right

2. Don’t wear a belt

Wearing a belt creates a horizontal line around your waist, which both disrupts the clean lines inan outfit and could make you appear broader and shorter than you are.

3. Use accessories proportionate to your size

This tip is simple: choose accessories that are proportionate to your height (and size).For example, if you have a small wrist, wear a smaller watch as a bigger one will probably look too big.

4. Wear medium or high waisted pants

This tip is a real gem that you should remember. By wearing medium or high rise trousers, your legs will appear longer than they are. Naturally, wearing low rise pants will shorten your legs and make you look shorter.

5. Don’t wear bulky outerwear

We get it. It gets cold sometimes. We're not telling you not to wear warm clothes; we're just recommending you avoid puffy outerwear as it will make your figure appear shorter.Instead, go for some well-insulated layers that will keep you protected from harsh winds and colder days.

6. Go for small scale patterns

Some say it's wise to avoid horizontal stripes altogether; we would like to argue otherwise. Instead, make sure that the stripes are thin and not thick. Thick horizontal lines will most likely look too big on you if you're short.

7. Choose modern collar styles

Modern collar types usually have a profile that suits short guys very well. Our Cut-away modern, Button-down modern and Club modern collar are all suitable for short men.

8. Match colors

When dressing for your height, it's all about proportions and simplicity. By matching the colors in your outfit, you'll increase the length of your silhouette. In contrast, two different colors tend to break it up.

9. Wear slim shoes

Shoes with broad toes or a square design tend to make you look shorter, so opt for slim shoes that follow your foot's contour and have a rounded toe to lengthen your appearance.

10. Choose custom-tailored clothes

We've saved the best tips for last. By choosing custom-tailored, you don't have to worry whether your dress shirt will look too baggy, your trousers too close to your shoes or your suit jacket too long. A custom-tailored size will always have you look your best whether you're short, tall, slim, or broad.

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