How to combine sneakers with your business outfit

How to combine sneakers with your business outfit

7 April 2020

Although sneakers are typically worn to casual outfits, if done right, they can also be a perfect match to your business and business-casual outfit. Not all sneakers belong in the gym or to chill days off. Some of them can work just as well together with a nice suit or a custom-tailored dress shirt. Gone are the days when only formal leather shoes were acceptable, since nowadays, there are multiple options out there for those who want to experiment with their styles.

Which sneakers work well to a business outfit?

When choosing which sneakers you want to wear to work, or any other formal occasion for that matter, it's important to choose wisely in regards to both color and design. Classic colors such as gray, white, black, navy, and brown tend to work well to a more formal outfit. Have a formal leather shoe in mind, and try to apply as much of its design to a sneaker. Sneakers in leather and suede radiates a sleek, modern style and are perfectly matched with a suit and dress shirt.

Which sneakers you should avoid

Avoid using the same sneakers you use when working out or doing other things resulting in the sneakers looking over-used and not office worthy. Stay clear of any overly crazy color that may cause an unwanted interruption in your outfit. A pop of color, however, can make your outfit stand out even more.

Tie or no tie?

When wearing sneakers to your business outfit, we're aiming for a more relaxed, well-dressed outfit rather than the old-fashioned formal one. That means skipping the old traditional tie, and instead, if you want to replace it with another accessory to complete your outfit, opt for a nice pocket square. Why not match its color with the sneakers of your choice to add a sleek, finishing touch to your outfit?

What dress shirt should you wear to your sneakers?

Let your imagination run free and pair your sneakers with the dress shirt of your choice. Keep it classy in a crisp, tailored white or light blue dress shirt, or have some fun with it and go bold with prints. The most important thing to remember is to have your personal taste in mind while having your outfit well-dressed and office-ready. Although, if you're going with a very casual dress shirt such as the flannel, you might want to put a blazer on top of it to make it suitable for business occasions.

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