Green oxford shirt

Green oxford shirt

Braga, olive green

NZD 169

Green oxford shirt in a comfortable fabric. Wear this dress shirt to secure the ultimate fall outfit. Made to your measurements.

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Stoff Braga, olive green (100% Cotton)
Collar Cut-away Modern
Cuff Wandel, abgerundet
Button Pisa, brown melange
Opacity Very opaque
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-13354

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"Durable and comfortable."

, 2020-06-30

"Quite a thick material"

, 2020-05-23

"Lovely fabric. i'll never go back to off the peg now."

, 2019-08-23


, 2019-08-14

"Material heavier and stiffer than expected"

, 2019-07-16

"It was a but stiffer than i thought it would be but i bet its also new. Im sure it will wear nicely."

, 2019-04-29

"Heavier than I thought"

, 2019-04-12

"Thick heavy fabric, I expect it will last a while."

, 2019-04-08

"Too heavy"

, 2018-11-24

"We wish there was a dark green colored textile with a little more texture to it, softer & wrinkle free."

, 2018-11-13

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