Cut-away Superior

This is the superior model with removable collar stays. It is considered to be a fancy collar by many connoisseurs. This popular classic collar belongs to the family of full-spread collars. It is very popular since it makes the shirt’s front part more visible. As the name already gives away, the collar ends are more spread out than on a regular business collar.


Här kommer textenIt was the Duke of Kent who first made ​​the spread collar popular in the early 1900s, and more recently this collar type has gained momentum again. The Cut-away collar comes in several different varieties, with this classic one having the smallest spread.

To keep in mind when designing your shirt

This collar works well both with and without a tie. When choosing a tie, a Windsor knot fits perfectly to this wider collar. If you have a somewhat narrower or longer face, this is the collar for you. A collar from the “Full spread” family is great choice together with a contrasting fabric.
Do not wear this collar together with jackets with too narrow lapels and shoulders in order to avoid a too extreme look. Otherwise, this collar type is suitable for everything from a pinstriped office suit to an everyday jacket. Preferably choose a poplin, pinpoint or twill fabric to go with this collar. Collar stays should always be removed before the shirt is washed to minimize the risk of marking the collar.


    Collar height, back:3,8 cm

    Collar ends, front:7,8 cm

    Collar stays:removable

    Stiffness: regular