In todays busy world, most people are looking for smart ways to streamline our daily routines. Easy Care shirts demand a minimum of attention because of the special finish used to treat the fabric.

This is how you wash your Easy Care shirt

Start with reading the washing symbols on your shirt to ensure that you are washing it in the right temperature and washing program. Find a suitable program according to the symbols on the label.

If you have stained your shirt, pre-treatment of the stains may be necessary. Dampen the shirt with lukewarm water and liquid detergent a short while before machine washing. If you are up against tough stains, special stain removers are available.

Choose the right detergent. White wash detergents contain bleach which wears the cotton fibers down prematurely. Even if white wash detergents are good for underwear and t-shirts it is better to use a mild be efficient detergent to make your shirts last as long as possible. A washing symbol with a crossed out triangle means no bleach.

Machine wash your shirt with a suitable low-speed program and only light centrifugation. When finished, hang your Easy Care shirt on a hanger and let it dry. Do not tumble dry your shirt. Tumble drying breaks down the fibers and shortens the life span of your shirt.

Easy Care shirts are treated for easy ironing. For best results when ironing your shirt after washing, iron it before it is completely dry, following these instructions.

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