A quality made-to-measure suit is an investment that is sure to last a long time if cared for properly. Even if most suits are made for daily use and are quite durable, the lifetime of your suit can be prolonged by following these tips and advice.

1. Order extra pants for your suits. The pants are the first part of your suit to wear out, but by having more than one pair your suit will have a longer life. An investment that pays off.

2. Alternate your suits. It’s advisable to have at least five good suit alterantives that can be rotated during your week. The same applies to shoes and shirts. By alternating, you wear less on your suits and will also have a more varied and interesting style.

3. Dont use the pockets. The inner pockets on a suit are really not there to be used other than for small and light items. By putting for example your car keys or wallet in the inner pockets, you run the risk of stretching the fabric and ruining the form of the suit. If your use the outer pockets the impression of your suit will be bulky and the beauty of a tailored silhouette will be lost.

4. Wash rarely. Reading the washing instructions are always important before washing. Most suits must be dry cleaned, but always make sure first by looking at the washing symbols. Try to clean your suits as seldom as possible. Once every six months should be enough unless you have an accidental stain which must be removed immediately. The strong chemicals used in dry cleaning wears hard on the fabric and shortens the lifespan of your suit.

5. Get a great clothes brush. Investing in a quality clothes brush is our next good advice. Use it to remove stains from your suit a keep it clean and fresh. A lint roll keeps dust and hair away and is also a recommended purchase.

6. Hang it properly. Suits should hang on thick wooden hangers so that the fabric can breathe after use. Try to avoid squeezing it between other things in your closet. Always hang your suit after use, even when tempted to just leave it in a pile after a late night. It is well worth the hassle.

7. Use a steam iron. To keep your suit free from wrinkles, steam it from time to time with a steam iron. It opens up the fibers and helps remove stains. Do not iron the suit with a regular iron, as it can damage the fabric. A steam iron is an extra investment that you will not regret if you want a long lasting and great looking suit. If you really must use a regular iron, place a protecting piece of fabric between the suit and the iron, such as a clean kitchen towel.

8. When travelling. It is important to care for your suit even when travelling. Keep your suit in a good quality garment bag that is not too heavy. The best ones are made from materials that allows your suit breathe during your journeys.

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